What is Confab?

Confab - We write about Games, Movies & Music.


Noun: An informal private conversation or discussion.
Verb: Engage in informal private conversation.

I Must Confab is the collaborative efforts of many talented teenagers and young adults across the world. The contributors come from various countries such as Australia, Scotland, Sweden and the United States of America. It all began in October 2011 when the editor discussed with some friends about the idea of a collaborative blog to result in more regular content and a solo ran blog and a bigger variation in writing styles and content. Over the months the blog picked up content and is now gaining new articles at a regular pace. Confab saw a huge revamp in the visual and web features department in February 2012 giving it a much sleeker, more attractive and highly functional appearance.

While the main focus of the blog is towards entertainment mediums and media we also have features and articles on miscellaneous topics too to give the blog a unique dash of interest and exclusive content. 

Confab is always on the look out for new contributors so if you're interested in joining the team please check out our application page!

I really hope you enjoy our articles & share them with your friends. If possible please like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter

Confab Editor & Team


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