Thursday, 10 November 2011

Band of the Day: Engraved Metal

Engraved Metal

AKA: Engraved
Genre: Heavy Metal
From: Turriff, Scotland
Performing since: 2008

Music Spotlight is a focus piece on various talented artists across the world, while any band may be featured it is usually smaller and less well known artists that get picked. This month's choice is a band featuring two of Confab's writers: Engraved

Engraved are a Heavy Metal band from the town of Turriff in Scotland. For nearly three years they have been rocking the scene with their own style of Metal which infuses hints of traditional, power and progressive metal music, and are now breaking out into other areas with great success. The Full length EP, 'Overthrow The Pharoah' is available to listen to online, and they are now working on some new material for the next album.

Formed in late November 2008, Engraved was originally pieced together by Glen McIntosh and Andy Robison after attending a local gig. Quickly recruiting Kevin Arnold on Bass, they holed up in Andy's room and began jamming some covers together. Continuing what felt great already, they picked up two new members for a month or so, before letting them go and taking on vocalist Daniel Clark. Another month or so passed by before Jim Chippington joined the band to form a typical metal band line-up with the new Rhythm guitar.

The line-up remained unchanged for just over a year, and Engraved recorded their first record in early 2010 entitled 'Overthrow The Pharaoh', only a few weeks before Jim left the band. Not wanting to stop there, they searched the local area and quickly came upon the decision of hiring Charlie Wilson to fill in the guitar slot. 

With plenty of fantastic gigs under their belt, Engraved have been rocking the scene for a good three years now with their own brand of Heavy Metal that has become a sound that it simply their own. They've played with a few high profile acts such as AC/DC tribute act Hells Bells and have won several Battle Of The Bands competitions with some excellent prices, most specifically a £1000 cheque!

The members of the band are all well adept with their instruments, having been playing for several years now, and all mix together fantastically. They've been praised on their song writing abilities and have gathered a good following over the years. 

Engraved are currently working on their newest record, something to be highly anticipated by fans, and the band themselves!

- Andy Robison


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