Saturday, 15 October 2011

Game of the Day: Terraria

Terraria - Minecraft in one less dimension

Most gamers don't need an introduction to Minecraft, it's one of the most popular sandbox/building games on PC. Terraria is a similar game that plays in two dimensions instead of three. Though it does differ in some key areas.

The graphics are a throwback to the 16 Bit generation with games like Mario, Sonic and Bomberman.

Terraria, released earlier this year, is a side scrolling adventure game with RPG elements. Unlike Minecraft, there is less emphasis on building as exploration takes a stronger role in the search for new items, weapons and materials which are needed to improve your tools, weapons and defense items. It also has more traditional elements such as bosses and non-player characters (NPC) each with their own unique purposes such as the Merchant.
Mining is a key aspect of the game to collect new ores and materials to build with

There are potentially dozens of hours worth of gameplay within the game just in it's singleplayer mode. There is also a multiplayer mode which allows player vs player and co-operative gameplay in players existing worlds or new ones that can be made specifically for sharing with others.

Terraria can be bought for the low price of £5.99/$9.99 on Steam.

- Benjamyn Carron


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