Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tip of the day: Snake on Youtube

Internet Tip of the Day

Ah Youtube, where would we be without it, and what would we watch?
Youtube is the number one (non-pornographic) video streaming and sharing website in the world, probably...
Today's tip is a little Easter egg that some of the employees of Youtube embedded (Get it?) into their video player:

When you are on any video that is without an advert, click on the video to make sure your key presses will work and then hold the left arrow for a couple seconds and then press up. There you go you can now play a variation of the classic snake game, famously known for being on older Nokia phones, while the video plays!

Sadly it won't work with embedded videos but here is a link to an ideal video to play snake on:

- Benjamyn Carron


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