Monday, 13 February 2012

Videos of the Day: Women being emotional about Animals

Confab Videos of the Day - Singing about Sloths

Our videos of the day is centred on those two or three-toed, cuddly looking South American mammals.
A Youtube video recently surfaced featuring an overly excitable actress, Kristen Bell, who loves Sloths more than believed possible by humans.
 The clip originated from an episode of the Ellen show where the star discussed her fondness of sloths and recounted a birthday where her boyfriend arranged for a real sloth to visit her home. Her reaction was priceless to say the least:

Everyone's favourite news story auto-tuning youtube users, Shmohoyo, quickly adapted it into a songified hit. Though it's arguably one of their weaker videos, not quite as brilliant as Bed-intruder or Charlie Sheen's 'Winning', it's still an amusing take on the original story which I admit was pretty interesting to watch.

Funnily enough this isn't the first time a video of a woman getting emotional about animals has surfaced on the Internet and been songified. Last year a video about a woman who just simply loved cats a little too much went viral. I'd argue this video was better than the sloth one but that's down to the original material being more bizarre to begin with:

Ever wanted to be a youtube hit? Just get drunk and record video log about your favourite animals before you know it thousands will be laughing, aww-ing and linking to your video before you know it. The more emotional the better, apparently.

- Ben Carron


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