Saturday, 10 March 2012

Game News: Rumours of a Valve engineered 'Steam-box' put to rest

Earlier this week, rumours were floating around, about Valve announcing a next-gen console to compete with the Wii U and Next Gen Playstation and Xbox. The marketing director of Valve, Doug Lombardi put these rumours to rest yesterday, confirming Valve aren't developing any hardware in the near future.

Kotaku columnist, Stephen Totilo, interviewed Doug about the possibilities of Valve ever making a Steam based hardware.
Totilo: "What you're saying is, there's definitely nothing coming any time soon, nothing at GDC or E3, but what you're not ruling out is the possibility that, hey, maybe some day Valve would make hardware,"

Doug: "I think that's accurate." (via Kotaku)

Will Valve ever enter the console market? And will they succeed? It's not an impossibility though it appears very implausible at this time with no Steam based hardware due in the near future.

- Michael Johnson


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