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Weekly Gaming News - 2/03/2012

Welcome to the weekly gaming news
Another week has passed and there has been gaming news flying up everywhere. Also in the mix here at Confab we have some Previews (Kingdom Hearts 3D Preview, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Preview and Bit Trip Saga and Complete Preview) and some Reviews (Edge Review and Rayman Origin Review) from our very own contributors!

Well I hope you enjoy reading the rest of this weeks news. Also if you have any ideas on things you'd like to see added to the weekly gaming news please feel free to leave a comment or : email me

Creator of Pinball Steve Kordek passed away at the age of 100
Bethesda working on next-gen console title?
Creators of 'Joustin Beaver' suing Justin Bieber
'DOOM 4 isn't cancelled according to Bethesda
Leaked Images of Doom 4 
Bioshock Infinite Release Date of October 16th 

Vita sells 600k+ units outside of Japan
 Sony to announce new Vita games on March 9
Binding of Isaac may get released on Sony platforms

Fez (XBLA) finished and ready to be certified
 New white Xbox 360 slim with kinect

 New (unofficial) SNES game to be released in 2013
Nintendo reject Binding of Isaac for 3DS

Double Fine Adventure Update
Somethings Up With The Baldur's Gate Website 
Jet Set Radio Confirmed for PC
Rayman Origin Demo Out Now On Steam


The series director of Pokemon Junichi Masuda announced two brand new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo DS on a Japanese morning TV show Pokémon Smash!
These two games are Pokemon Black and White 2.

Fans are shocked that Gamefreak (Developers of the Pokémon series) have made a direct sequel to Pokémon Black and White. This has never been done before, every Pokémon game so far has either been a new generation, a third title with slight differences or a remake. The only game to come close to being a sequel is the second generation (Silver and Gold). [SPOILER ALERT] Which had Kanto, the region from the first generation games, as an unlockable island after the Elite 4.

The decision to develop for the Nintendo DS instead of the 3DS is unexpected. This game would be a huge system seller but the userbase for the DS is already over 100 million compared to the 3DS' user base which has yet to reach 20 million globally. However Nintendo did confirm that the two titles would have DSi and 3DS exclusive features for fans playing on these systems.

Looks like fans will be trying to catch them all again soon, the games are set to release later in the year worldwide. 


GAME is the UK's leading video game retailer and is owned by the parent company Game Group, who also own the second biggest video game retailer in the UK; Gamestation.
Back when the Playstation Vita was about to launch in late February, Game UK announced that they would not be stocking any Ubisoft PS Vita launch titles. (Rayman Origins and Michael Jackson: The Experience) Game later started stocking Ubisoft launch titles on Feb 28th
One week later Game UK announced that they are cancelling all pre-orders for Last Story, a highly anticipated RPG for the Nintendo Wii platform. They also said that they won't be stocking Mario Party 9 or any EA game released after SSX including the one of the most anticipated games of the year: Mass Effect 3.

This is a very strange thing to happen to one of the biggest gaming retailers in the UK. According to Eurogamer Game UK have lost credit insurance with many of their agencies. Meaning Game have to pay upfront for new stock and If game don't have the funds then they can't stock the title as they don't have the insurance to back them up should they not be able to sell all the new copies. Due to these recent announcements from Game Group,Their shares dropped down by 15% from 5.75p to 4.94p on 29th February 2012. 

This is not good news for Game, following their decision to close dozens of shops last year Game Group's future is not looking bright. 
Will we see Game UK go out of business anytime soon? Only time will tell.


Ubisoft have released the box art for the latest upcoming title in the Assassin's Creed series: Assassin's Creed III

While not officially announced it would appear that the game's setting is based around the American Revolution period of history. Assassin's Creed III has been set a release date of October 30th 2012 for North America. The game is expected to arrive in Europe and Australia Late October or Early November.


Game Title:       
29th February 2012PainKiller Recurring EvilSteam
1st March 2012VesselSteam
2nd March 2012Alan Wake (Retail Release)PC
2nd March 2012Jak and Daxter TrilogyPS3/PSN
2nd March 2012Mario Party 9Wii
2nd March 2012Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PS3/360
2nd March 2012SSXPS3/360

Game Title:       
29th February 2012Jak and Daxter Trilogy (Digital Release)PSN
1st March 2012PainKiller Recurring EvilSteam
1st March 2012SSXPS3/360
2nd March 2012VesselSteam


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