Thursday, 15 March 2012

Game News: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Unlikely

Fans of the highly acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy games are unlikely to see a third game in the series, says Nintendo.

Koichi Hayashida, the director of Super Mario Galaxy 2 claimed it's highly doubtful that there will be a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Hayashida states that the next big Mario game will most likely be an original concept, as most of the left over ideas from Super Mario Galaxy were used in its sequel.

“When we worked on Galaxy 1 we came up with a mountain of ideas. Of course, the ideas that made it in to the final product were the ones at the very top. Those ideas that were most compelling or could be implemented most easily and effectively. The other ideas were a little bit rougher. Ideas we weren’t positive that’d be as effective, or might have been much more difficult to include.”
“When you think about trying to make a game like Galaxy 2 from that large group of ideas that we had already decided were on the rough side, that becomes a very difficult project. The only way that we got through the development of Mario Galaxy 2 was by coming up with entirely new ideas. I think of that as a very challenging project when I look back on it.”
“From that perspective, to say we’d make another game using the ideas left over from Galaxy 2, it’s very difficult for me to imagine. I feel like we really did research the field very well for possible ideas and we used everything that was reasonably easy to implement.” - Koichi Hayashida
Let's hope Nintendo will announce the next big Mario game this June at E3.

- Michael Johnson


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