Sunday, 25 March 2012

News: New iPad sells 3 million units

Earlier this week Apple released their weekend launch sales figures for the "New iPad". The New iPad moved 3 million units over in the first 3 days, The strongest iPad launch to date.

With a new quad core graphics processor, beautiful 2046x1536 resolution screen and other spec boosts the new iPad is looking to become even more of a gaming contender with new apps in the works to take advantage of the new high resolution screen, including a sequel to Epic Game's 2011 release, Infinity Blade II.

This is great news for Apple. The New iPad Outsold the iPad 2 and the Playstation Vita by over 2 million units and the 3ds by over 1.8 million units.

It seems looks like the New iPad is going to do extremely well which is no surprise as anything Apple releases seems to sell extremely well.

- Michael Johnson


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