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Weekly Gaming News 16/03/2012

Welcome to the weekly gaming news
 Another week has come and gone and with it comes a bucket load of news. Blizzard have set a release date for their upcoming game Diablo 3, rumours of Game UK selling off to Gamestop and much much more.

Well I hope you enjoy reading the rest of this weeks news. Also if you have any ideas on things you'd like to see added to the weekly gaming news please feel free to leave a comment or : email me

Prototype 2 offers pre-order incentives; don't worry, it won't bite
Game not stocking Ninja Gaiden 3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 
Jet Set Radio HD details revealed
Walmart Want GAME?
Grand Theft Auto V Likely to Launch Early Next Year And Wii U Version Is Possible
Obsidian hit with layoffs; South Park team affected, future next-gen title cancelled
Tony Hawk answers Pro Skater HD fan questions. Could be coming to PC 
Obsidian missed Fallout: New Vegas Metacritic bonus by one point 
Skyrim Update 1.5 Kill-Cams it Up

Super Monkey Ball for Vita lets you generate levels from photos
Japan chart: Vita sales creep up 
Ratchet & Clank HD Collection announced and release date leaked

Alan Wake sells 2 million units across Xbox 360, PC
XBLA games get higher gamerscore points
Microsoft confirms next Xbox will not be at E3 this year 

Kirby 3D Coming To The Nintendo 3DS?
Pokemon Black and White 2 will have new story and features, box art revealed
Nintendo Has A Massive $10.5 Billion In The Bank
Mega Man Creator Wants To Make A Wii U Game
GAME Won’t Be Stocking Kid Icarus Uprising 
Rayman Origins 3DS delayed til 8th June

Mojang can't use 'Scrolls' in any sequels to 'Scrolls,' lawsuit dictates
Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter concludes with $3,335,265 amassed 
Serious Sam 3: BFE coming to Mac on April 23 
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition announced 
New NeoGeo handheld confirmed
Wasteland 2 Kickstarter exceeds goal


Blizzard have revealed that Diablo fans will get their hands on Diablo 3 on May 15th 2012. Blizzard are allowing people to preorder and preload Diablo 3, exactly two months prior to release.

The World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion is still running and will be running until 7:01 A.M. GMT on May 1st, 2012. The Annual Pass consists of buying a one year subscription of World of Warcraft and with this pass you will then receive a free digital copy of Diablo 3.
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Strong rumours are floating around that Game have hired Rothschild (A financial advisory group) to find a potential buyer to buy of the company. This seems to be the case because Game are due to pay their dues in two weeks and if they fail to pay in time there is a possibility of  the lose of thousands of jobs,  according to The Sunday Times.

This wouldn't be a shock as Game has been struggling as of late. Especially after Game failing to stock one of the most anticipated games of the year, Mass Effect 3 and a handful of other titles by EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo.
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Fans of the highly acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy games are unlikely to see a third game in the series, says Nintendo.

Koichi Hayashida, the director of Super Mario Galaxy 2 claimed it's highly doubtful that there will be a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Hayashida states that the next big Mario game will most likely be an original concept, as most of the left over ideas from Super Mario Galaxy were used in its sequel.

“When we worked on Galaxy 1 we came up with a mountain of ideas. Of course, the ideas that made it in to the final product were the ones at the very top. Those ideas that were most compelling or could be implemented most easily and effectively. The other ideas were a little bit rougher. Ideas we weren’t positive that’d be as effective, or might have been much more difficult to include.”
“When you think about trying to make a game like Galaxy 2 from that large group of ideas that we had already decided were on the rough side, that becomes a very difficult project. The only way that we got through the development of Mario Galaxy 2 was by coming up with entirely new ideas. I think of that as a very challenging project when I look back on it.”
“From that perspective, to say we’d make another game using the ideas left over from Galaxy 2, it’s very difficult for me to imagine. I feel like we really did research the field very well for possible ideas and we used everything that was reasonably easy to implement.” - Koichi Hayashida
Let's hope Nintendo will announce the next big Mario game this June at E3.

- Michael Johnson 


Game Title:       
12th March 2012All Zombies Must DieSteam
14th March 2012Defenders of ArdaniaXBLA/PC
14th March 2012JourneyPSN
14th March 2012Shoot Many Robots PSN/XBLA
16th March 2012BIT.TRIP COMPLETEWii
16th March 2012BIT.TRIP SAGA3DS
16th March 2012Blades of TimePS3/360
16th March 2012FIFA StreetPS3/360
16th March 2012Saint Seiya: Sanctuary BattlePS3
16th March 2012Silent Hill: DownpourPS3/360
16th March 2012Twisted MetalPS3
16th March 2012Yakuza: Dead SoulsPS3

Game Title:       
13th March 2012All Zombies Must DieSteam
14th March 2012Defenders of ArdaniaXBLA/Steam
14th March 2012Shoot Many Robots PSN/XBLA
15th March 2012FIFA StreetPS3/360
15th March 2012JourneyPSN
15th March 2012Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle PS3
15th March 2012Unit 13 PSV
15th March 2012Yakuza: Dead SoulsPS3

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Image Source: Saiyajin Mui - Beesafree - NuffZetPand0ra -

- Michael Johnson


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